Whole Body Vertical Vibration

Research on vibration training shows that the body's greatest receptor network is in the vertical plane. Taking this into consideration WBVV ensures the movement is only vertical and reduces the cause of injury which might occur with lateral movement.
This is a one of its kind Time-Optimised training method that uses dynamic movements and not just static holds to accelerate your results. You're First Step Towards A State Of Total Wellbeing.

Benefits of Training with WBVV

Each member may get different benefits of working with the platforms depending on the training routine they follow. The key benefits that are common to most exercisers includes:

More Efficient Training
Results can be achieved in a faster time.

More Effective Training
Better results from the training for speed, strength, flexibility, mobility.

Improved Blood Circulation
For a variety of medical conditions, this is a huge benefit in the healing process.

No Minimum Loading
No additional weights are necessary, which ensures that there is very little loading to passive structures such as bones ligaments and joints. that is why training with whole body vertical vibration functional training platforms is highly suited to people that are difficult to train due to Age, Illness, Disorders, Weight or Injury.