Posture Analysis

Find out the truth about your posture.
Posture imbalances caused by a multitude of lifestyle habits can be altered animated corrected with proper analysis. At SKY FITNESS we use a proven effective system to spot misaligned posture.

What is Posture Analysis ?
In humans, posture can provide a significant amount of important information through nonverbal communication. Psychological studies have also demonstrated the effects of body posture on emotions. This research can be traced back to Charles Darwin's studies of emotion and movement in humans and animals.Currently, many studies have shown that certain patterns of body movements are indicative of specific emotions.Researchers studied sign language and found that even non-sign language users can determine emotions from only hand movements.Another example is the fact that anger is characterized by forward whole body movement.The theories that guide research in this field are the self-validation or perception theory and the embodied emotion theory.

Self-validation theory
Self-validation theory is when a participant's posture has a significant effect on his or her self-evaluation of their emotions. An example of this is an experiment where participants had to think and then write positive qualities of themselves in a confident or doubtful posture.

Embodied emotion theory
Embodied emotion theory is the idea that mental events can be represented by states of the body.In a study showing embodied emotion, participants were primed with concepts of pride and disappointment by a word generation task.