Bio-resonance Therapy

Bio-resonance device produces a pulsating magnetic field that induces an electrical impulse to flow in the tissues, mimicking the natural electrical activites created within the organism. This stimulates the hindered healing process to repair the active tissues and their function. By doing so, the body gradually builds up energy reserves. The result is enhanced vitality. Latest research has shown that the frequent use of energy resonance therapy increases the performance of mind and body in athletes as well.

The Silent Healing Force
In recent years, magnetic field therapy has crossed the threshold from a treatment on the peripheries of medicine to being a popular, natural and widely-accepted form of therapy.
What is the reason behind the exceptional versatility of treatment with pulsating electromagnetic fields? How can it be used in orthopaedics, dermatology, neurology and other disciplines so often, be so gentle and yet bring about effective long term healing?
What at first glance may seem unimaginable has its foundations in a mechanism that supports natural cel functions. Every cell in the human body needs to take up nutrients and oxygen and excrete waste products just like human body as a whole.
Pulsating electromagnetic fields, delivered at the corect dose (in other words with the right field strength, frequency and modulation, depending an individual's circadian rhythm and status), can restore the function of every cell in the body to its normal status. This mechanism acts on every part of the body and for almost any condition; consequently, magnetic field therapy can help the body heal itself of so many diferent diseases or conditions. Other effects of magnetic field therapy stem from this underlying mechanism of effectivenes; increased prefusion and oxygen supply, an influence on nerve pathways involved in pain conduction and a balancing effect on the vegetative system to name but a few.

Technical construction
Appliances used for magnetic field therapy are generally made up of a control unit, which generates electrical impulses in accordance with specific criteria, and various applicators that convert these electrical impulses into magnetic fields.